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Walking Southside Village

I had to share this excellent article from Sarasota Magazine written by Robert Plunket. My new home is in Southside Village (West of Trail near the hospital) and my daily walks are never dull as the combination of eclectic architecture and lovingly tended homes and lawns offer inspiration and beauty. I am grateful that we are able to get some fresh air and sunshine during our isolation and encourage exploring on your own. Let me know your favorite areas of town for walking!

Walk This Way by Robert Plunket, Sarasota Magazine. For the full story, click here.

Southside Village is a classic American suburb of 50 or 60 years ago. Homes from various decades exist side by side, and practically all have been spruced up and beautifully landscaped. Mature trees shade the streets. There is no doubt that much of its charm is due to the nostalgia factor; many Sarasotans grew up in places like this.

Doctors and lawyers lived here back then, but more typical residents were the town’s middle class—the teachers, nurses, cops, and plumbers. Circus folk called it home, too; check out the Wallenda compound on Arlington Street, complete with a historic marker.

Southside Village has no set boundaries, and everybody describes it a little differently, particularly realtors with a house to sell. From a walkability point of view, let’s say its northern boundary is Bahia Vista and its southern boundary is down around Bougainvillea. The eastern boundary is the Trail; the western is Orange Avenue. It borders impressive neighborhoods like Harbor Acres and McClellan Park, and parts of them are included in the Southside Village walkability zone.

If you are ready for a virtual tour of this or any other neighborhood. Let’s chat!

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